Bandai Namco announces Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission, and you want it so much!

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission : a beautiful long title that basically gives little insight into the game. The only thing we understand is that it is inspired by the Dragon Ball universe , and always the Super in the title could hint at something about Dragon Ball Super .

And in fact the game also involves the Dragon Ball Super mangaka , but you’d never guess the genre. This is a collectible card game! 

SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES WORLD MISSION is at Hero Town, an alternative reality in which the most popular form of entertainment is a card game of Dragon Ball . Players will take on the role of Beat , the protagonist of SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES WORLD MISSION, following his journey to become the Super Dragon Ball Heroes world champion . However, when the antagonists of the virtual world of the game appear at Hero Town, starting to unleash chaos, Beat will enter the game world by allying with the famous Dragon Ball characters to bring peace back to the real world.

The game will include 350 warriors and over 1,000 collectible cards , as well as unprecedented transformations and a brand new character from Toyotarou’s pen. Bandai Namco has announced its arrival in the West (it is the first of this series to reach Western markets) starting next 5 April for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam . We leave you with the announcement trailer.

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