Hitman 2 is not Hitman 2

Hitman 2 does not differ from its predecessor , not at all: it shares the same episodic structure, but it comes out on the market complete with everything, all the episodes, ready to be gutted without waiting. It appears as a sort of second season of the original chapter, that of 2016, with very few new mechanics.

If you were not already aware of it, before tackling Hitman 2 it is recommended to complete the predecessor , as the levels increase in complexity, and there is a direct continuation of the narrative strand. The improvements of the second, in addition, have been poured on the first, and it is sufficient to have a copy of Hitman to be able to play the maps of the first season, remastered for the occasion in Hitman 2. It would not be a bad idea to take both a single solution to enjoy them in their entirety, as if they were a big, long adventure.

Unfortunately, history remains the weak link in production. Not only does it return to being fragmented, but the films feature rather flat narrative methods , characterized mainly by static screens that argue for less captivating events. A pity, considering that there is a clear intention to outline the protagonist’s past, the iconic agent 47, yet the result disappoints in the staging.

What will make you appear a smile on your face emerges from his now very recognizable recipe , which, however merciless and violent, always maintains a certain aura of extravagance, of irony over the top. A furtive experience in which to hide, to eavesdrop, to dress to sneak into otherwise inaccessible places is on the agenda. Each of the six maps of the new campaign contains such depth to make the majority of today’s productions pale, and sorry if it is little. More than levels, they seem real ecosystems , small universes full of possibilities. And the goal is to kill one or more designated targets, but the “how” is yours.

The gameplay is based on the study of the level , on probing different roads continuously to understand which are the best opportunities, giving vent to the inventiveness among weapons, characters, secondary roads and different customs. This reiterative structure might not satisfy those looking for a more classic management, as Hitman 2, like its predecessor, focuses on repeating missions already completed to unlock new paraphernalia, new access points and much more. If it is true that the six maps can be completed in about six hours, it is also true that they contain so many secrets, so many rooms and so many different ways of killing, put on purpose to be discovered by the players, who will be able to face everything under three difficulties. The smallest mistake could compromise the success of the operation just like in a house of cards, but fortunately there is a solid rescue system to protect the game.

In terms of playability, there are more shrewdness than novelty : you can hide in the crowd and bushes, the reflections of the mirrors have an active role and the paraphernalia houses a brand new tranquilizer gun and stun grenades, along with a practical suitcase at inside which you can hide the most eye-catching objects. Noteworthy is the implementation of the dynamic camera, called picture-in-picture, which will show you what is happening in another part of the area, for example when a guard discovers a corpse or goes near a distraction.

In addition, the Contracts return , challenges to be completed under unique conditions. The Elusive Targets also return , well protected figures whose first protagonist is none other than the actor Sean Bean : in practice, gems of the first title re-proposed in the second, in settings and situations completely unique for a remarkable longevity.

IO Interactive, this time, decided to experiment with some variations in the online sector through two new ways, which we had already discussed in previous articles . In detail, in Sniper Assassin, targets must be eliminated through the magical art of sniping. It can be tackled in two players online and turns out to be a pleasant pastime as expected, albeit repetitive, as well as limited.

The Ghost Mode, on the other hand, is a competitive battle where it is possible to challenge an online player to kill particular targets before the opponent does. The action takes hold in separate sessions, but you will see the ghost of the screen rival. A nice alternative, but we didn’t find it too balanced, given that being in the right place at the right time appears during the battle. Quite frankly, we would have preferred if a cooperative mode had been introduced, made with all the trappings of the case , which could indeed enhance the collaborative dynamics in stealth, an often mistreated vein.

We close the analysis with the usual parenthesis on the graphic, which, although it has not made huge strides forward, has a solid view . On PS4 Pro the frames can be unlocked, with a fluidity that tries to touch the sixty several times, without sudden drops. The animations are a bit old and the models sometimes leave something to be desired in terms of detail, yet the glance remains very pleasant thanks to the incredible amount of interactive characters in the levels. On the other hand, the work carried out in the audio department is very good, aimed at bringing the various ecosystems to life with environmental sounds and music appropriate to the situation. Too bad the dubbing is only in English .

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