Resident Evil 2 – The most alive undead ever

Dull spin-offs, questionable online episodes, Hollywood drifts and a bit kitsch: a lot of good old Resident Evil is taken of creative liberties , to then retrace their steps with the seventh chapter. Steps that contemplate the horror, the tension, the cascading puzzles, the strategic action where each bullet counts. And if you fail to aim, you pay the consequences.

Above all else, however, the zombies were wondering , those scary creatures and in a bit tonte, ruthless also and above all when they are alone, seemingly helpless. And Resident Evil 2, in this field,  has made history : together with its predecessor it has redefined the horror of non-dead declination, conditioning and influencing the development of the genre with its bases . Yet those bases , however epochal they were at the time, no matter how frightening they were more than twenty years ago, still remain those of twenty years ago. That’s why the remake of Resident Evil 2 is born, a remake that takes the original, carries out a deconstruction, and then reconstructs it under modern optics.

Leave the fixed camera, and move it behind the character, just like in the iconic fourth episode. He takes every room that composes the ingenious design of the levels of the adventure of ’98, and recreates them from scratch, both from the aesthetic and architectural point of view, and in the functional aspect. The puzzles have been expanded, the enemies follow new algorithms, and the entire excursion into darkness has been reinvigorated with new sequences, playable and intermezzo, also expanding the narrative, giving in fact a brand new vision on the title, which knows faithful to the past, but also very fresh. Seriously, seeing Resident Evil 2 in this dazzling form touches the strings of the soul . And whether you are a lover of the saga or a new generation, it does not matter: this last reinterpretationit belongs to everyone, it is for everyone .

The assisted mode and still the journey, implementing different facilities, among which the partially self-recharging life stands out. For all the others there is the standard, a balanced level of challenge , adherent to today’s canons, so much so that it mentions an automatic rescue system, which determines a control point in the crucial points, so as to kill frustration in the bud. The enemies are still resistant, they require several blows to the head to be killed, and sometimes they get up as if nothing had happened. The aiming system obviously rewards static: the more steady the aim is on the opponent, the more the damage will grow as the bullet is fired. Despite this, avoiding the bad guys often appears among the best options. In the event that things get bad, you can still escape from the grip of the dead undead by using a knife or grenade, thanks to the simple pressure of the dorsal button, or even placing wooden planks on the windows, so as to temporarily block the zombie flow .

The true identity of Capcom’s beast, however, emerges from the extreme difficulty  If in the standard it is possible to save the game as many times as you want at the special typewriters, in the extreme you will need to consume tapes, as in the original. In addition, automatic saves will be deactivated, and zombies will be even stronger. The eyes of veterans will have to turn to this mode, along with those looking for a purely horror experience, without any compromise. On the other hand,  a slice of fear comes from the impossibility of being able to save at will, which feeds the overwhelming sense of why you never feel safe. It is necessary to plan to the millimeter what to explore, what to bring in the inventory, how many boxes to leave free and how to behave to maximize the results: operations that are at the root of the formula regardless of the difficulty chosen, but that the extreme level emphasizes to the maximum.

The adventure can be tackled right from the start either in Leon’s shoes or in Claire’s . The single campaign stands at eight hours of play on standard difficulties , but to live the whole experience it is necessary to complete both stories, which share a good part of the settings, but presenting different situations and new phases. In this regard, if there had been another way to make the story more homogeneous, perhaps by connecting the characters in a single game, we would have gladly accepted it. That said, although longevity may appear to be below expectations, we can assure that the conduct of Resident Evil 2 is close to perfection, it never drops in rhythm and is calibrated in a workmanlike manner. It puts the player in a constant sense of danger, free from the passivity of too many films, and lets him play continuously without getting lost in chatter or fillers, at the mercy of a crystalline map, which easily signals the explored, unexplored, and objects but not collected.

Cascading puzzles are well made, clear and optimally connected, in the logic according to which another one is needed to activate a contraption, and to activate that other one another is needed, encouraging exploration that is always rewarded . The shrewd management of resources, the limited and expandable inventory that stops the action at its attraction, the hidden modifications in the puzzles that strengthen the weapons, everything is in its place in an amazing picture , which finds its greatest strength in the absence of uploads. Of this modernization, the Tyrant is certainly the one who has benefited the most: it appears in the most unlikely moments, its steps echo through the district and opens the doors with the delicacy of an enraged rhino. He is a formidable enemy, as well as invincible, and seeing him act without interruption is genuinely exciting.

Review Resident Evil 2  – Final Judgment – The love encounter between new and old, the perfect blend of classic and modern : net of some tolerable catch, this Resident Evil 2 re-imagination is truly magical . A wonderful makeover  , sumptuous in its aesthetics and nostalgically at the forefront of enjoyment. It reminds us how beautiful video games were before, and how fantastic they can be now. We just want more.

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