Yakuza with a sprinkling of Ace Attorney: here is Judgment, arriving in Europe from June 25

Yakuza is a series of video games not to be missed for lovers of the typical atmosphere of the land of the rising sun, able to meticulously reconstruct peculiarities and oddities of the bustling Japanese metropolis. But if you never had enough, know that the ideal Yakuza spin-off – always from the creators of the saga, Ryu ga Gotoku Studio – is finally coming to the West: Judgment will in fact also be available in our area for PS4, from June 25 next one.

The title owes a lot to the Yakuza series, both in the action setting with RPG elements, and in the setting that will make you fall into the Japanese urban atmosphere. In this case, however, you will be called to take on the role of  Takayuki Yagami , a former lawyer who fell into disgrace, forced to recycle himself as a private investigator to get by, but above all to try to rehabilitate his name.

The investigative component will therefore be very strong, also implemented by means of tech tools such as smartphones, Bluetooth headsets and drones, but there will also be the furious typical Yakuza fistfights and even the cazzeggiano for the city, more alive than ever. Judgment will be available in double Japanese and English audio, with subtitles also in Italian. You can pre-order it already now, with the possibility of having an early access to the title already on June 21st .

Finally, note that the physical edition of Judgment will include a reversible cover , which will also include the Japanese cover art of the game, along with a sticker by Ryu ga Gotoku Studio.

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